Gregory Grant Music

Songs I Write:

I don't find myself all that interesting and my songs are not introspective. Well they kind of are, but they aren't. How do I explain this? My songs are snapshots from other people’s lives that I run into out in the wilds whether it be a pub, shopping mall, restaurant or from a news story, blog, really anywhere. When someone does something and inspiration hits, I try and capture a moment and recreate it into a three-minute song. Sometimes I combine a few stories. Once I have the basic script, I use introspection and empathy to reconstruct the emotion that may have been happening (really, how would I know unless I ask them) to breathe life into the song. My song, The Senators, is a good example and one night I actually shared the same same stage as one of the key persons in the song. We took a selfie together after the show. The song is here: The Senators

Songs I Cover:

I am not a technical player and have no desire to re-create a song note for note. I create renditions of the songs. The are still recognizable but just a little different.


Acoustic solo shows with a few effects that I use sparingly (i.e. loop a bridge, foot stomper during solos). Set's are a mix of covers and aprox 1 original per 4-5 covers. I've played in front of 3 to 300 persons. I prefer the small venues, Open Mics, Pizza Lounges, Craft Breweries, Busking and Coffee Shops. My sets are fun and I engage the audience. You would never know by this write-up, but I am really funny. If you need to get up and get a beverage, don't feel you have to sit there. Check this link with a band. I talk quite a bit between songs. Live at the Lyric Theatre

In the Studio:

Pretty much anything goes: Indie folkie, Alt Country, post punk, Canadian Surf Instrumentals. Where my live shows are fairly minimalist, the songs I record have quite a bit going on. I release about 3-4 songs a year and currently have about 20 originals in queue: Gregory Grant: Spotify